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IPv6 in Practice
A Unixer's Guide to the Next Generation Internet

When I first got seriously involved with IPv6 in 2003, the few available books focused on the protocol internals, and other information on the configuration of individual operating systems, but there was no generally available information on how to tackle IPv6 and put it into production use.

To me that was an opportunity to create my own market niche with IPv6 workhops. In 2006 the original training manuscript, which had grown to 150 A4 pages, evolved into this book.

It is addressed at Unix administrators who want to experiment with IPv6 eventually intending to put it into production use.

The book covers Debian, FreeBSD and Solaris; for Fedora, Net- and OpenBSD additional free online supplements are available.

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Benedikt Stockebrand
IPv6 in Practice
A Unixer's Guide to the Next Generation Internet
Springer, 2007
ISBN-10  3-540-24524-3
ISBN-13  978-3-540-24524-7
424 pages, hardcover
42.75 €, ca. US$ 50

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There are two supplement booklets available covering additional Unices. The supplements are available both as a "regular" as well as a "booklet" version; the latter can be printed on any duplex printer to create an A5 (or half letter size) booklet.

Fedora Core 6 normalbooklet
NetBSD 3.1 &
OpenBSD 4.1
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