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Recent Events

December 2013   BIVBlog
My new video blog finally gets started.

May 2012   Stepladder IT
Since IPv6 is becoming an issue for more people I can cater for by myself as a freelancer, I've started a German "GmbH" (the equivalent of a Ltd).

Current Projects

Recently I have received an increasing number of requests for IPv6 project support, so I am currently pushing that line of business in addition to my established training base.


March 25, 2014, Frankfurt am Main/Germany
With/for the iX team of the Heise Verlag I do a one-day workshop on IPv6 deployment (German).

June 2014, Zürich/Switzerland
At the Swiss IPv6 Business Conference, organized by Silvia Hagen, I have been asked to present a talk again. The exact date and the actual contents of the talk aren't yet settled.

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